Play Bike Jump: Conquer all terrains with your bike

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Bike Jump: Conquer all terrains with your bike

What do you know about Bike Jump?

Bike Jump is a mobile game that simulates a real-life bike jumping experience. Players control a bike rider as they launch themselves off ramps and perform aerial stunts. The game features various levels and challenges as well as a trick system that allows players to learn and perform new stunts.

How to play Bike Jump

To play Bike Jump, simply tap the screen to accelerate and tilt your device to control the rider's balance. When you get close to the ramp, tap the screen to jump. While in the air, tilt your device to perform acrobatics. The goal of the game is to land safely and complete the level with as many points as possible.

Some tips for new players of Bike Jump

Here are some tips for beginners to learn how to play Bike Jump:

Start with easy levels. The game has many different levels with different levels of difficulty. Start with easy levels to get a feel for the game mechanics.
Practice your tricks. The game features a trick system that allows players to learn and perform new stunts. Practice your tricks in free ride mode to land them better.
Use reinforcement. The game has a boost button that can be used to temporarily increase your speed. Use boost to clear bigger gaps and perform more difficult stunts.

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Challenge and acrobatics at Bike Jump

Bike Jump is a challenging and fun game for your entertainment, especially for fans of bike jumping and extreme sports. By following the tips above, you can learn how to play the game and become a professional bike jumper.