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Moto X3M bike racing game

The Moto X3M racing game is the most addictive racing game on the internet. This racing game has good gameplay, beautiful graphics, and many levels. Choose a bike, ride through obstacles and difficult terrain. Have fun with the Moto X3M bike racing game! Obstacles in the game: There will be obstacles scattered on the track, including steep terrain, spiked wheels, explosions, and so on.
A game developed and launched in 2015 by MadPuffers, Ace Viral, was then compiled so you can play it online on PC as well as mobile at this site.
Moto X3M is an interesting and attractive sports game genre for those with adventurous hobbies—high-speed racing. In addition, our website owns many different racing games, such as motorcycle racing games, car racing games, and 3D racing games. On, you can freely play and challenge racing games!

Moto X3M Game Features:

With more than 25 levels challenging every gamer

- Balance the bike using the arrow keys.
- Unlock the bike.
- Sick stunts and crazy tricks as you flip and roll your way through levels
- This game has a higher octane
- This game has timed levels.
- This game has checkpoints.
- This game has a user-selected control scheme.
- Play games on platforms: web browser, Android, iOS

Some tips and tricks for you to win at Moto X3M

- You need to get familiar with and observe the terrain of the track in the best way to know where obstacles appear.
- Avoid obstacles and overcome them as quickly as possible by controlling your speed in dangerous places and accelerating fastest in favorable terrain to help reduce the time to reach your destination.
- The last tip you should apply in the game Moto X3M is to accelerate and somersault in the most beautiful way. Each successful somersault shortens your time.

How to play Moto X3M is very simple:

- You will have to use the arrow keys to speed up and slow down appropriately when encountering obstacles.
- When in the air, you can use the A, D, or right and left keys to perform somersaults to shorten the maximum time.
- Use the s key or down key to stop whenever you encounter danger or have to wait to overcome an obstacle in front of you.

Some of the game versions developed for the Moto X3M series include:

Latest versions of the game Moto X3M:

Moto X3M 2
Moto X3M 3
Moto X3M 4 Winter
Moto X3M 5 Pool Party
Moto X3M 6 Spooky Land is the sixth installment of the popular Moto X3M series, set in a spooky land theme.